Mansour Shouman

Mansour Shouman, a Palestinian Canadian citizen journalist, has been a steadfast voice from the heart of Gaza since October 7th. Despite being offered the opportunity to leave by both Israeli and Canadian authorities, Mansour chose to remain in Khan Younis, dedicated to providing daily, on-the-ground reports in English, showcasing the realities of life amidst conflict.


His compelling reporting style and unwavering optimism have garnered widespread attention on social media platforms, propelling him to online stardom. Mansour’s presence on various media outlets including Al Jazeera, RT News, BBC, Fox News, ABC News, Sky News, CBC, CNN, and Global News has amplified the voices of Gazans worldwide.

In addition to his journalism, Mansour has taken proactive steps to alleviate the suffering of his fellow Palestinians. He initiated relief efforts and launched a GoFundMe campaign where every penny collected goes towards providing essential aid, supplies, food, and the construction of temporary shelters for those in need.


Beyond his journalistic endeavors and relief work, Mansour is an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights and freedom. Through his multifaceted contributions, he embodies a commitment to truth-telling, humanitarian action, and the pursuit of justice in one of the world’s most conflicted regions.


Given the current situation in Gaza and the diminished ability for journalists to update the world from within its borders, on February 26, Mansour reluctantly made the decision to depart and continue his support for the Palestinian cause from outside Gaza.

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